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Insider Profiles Magazine, Scotts Miracle Grow and Sweetlets SAP Portal Applications – The Growth of a Portal

  • September 6, 2010
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In the July 2010 issue of Insider Profiles, an article on Scotts Miracle Grow stands out. Scotts, a longtime Sweetlets client, gives great insight into what has made their SAP NetWeaver Portal a huge success – along with how their team strategically accomplished this huge task. At Sweetlets, we are very happy to play a part with our business packages being well received and utilized within the Scotts’ portal. The Insider Profiles article, “How Scotts Miracle-Grow Cultivates Sales Productivity” tells a great story of how this Marysville, Ohio lawn and garden company have achieved measurable success within their SAP Portal.  Learn how Balaji Srinivasaraghavan and his team consistently test and tweak their portal to increase sales and where it can benefit your company.

Scotts, “The Garden” employee portal displays personalized productivity tools such as Quick Links application (“My Favorites”) and the World Times business package (World Time and Weather).

And while the Sweetlets applications are not clearly mentioned in the article itself, you can certainly get a glimpse of our Quick Links application (“My Favorites”) and the World Times business package (World Time and Weather) as pictured in their landing page screenshot to the right.

“In 2006, Scotts implemented SAP NetWeaver Portal and developed an internal-facing portal called “The Garden” as a way to keep its marketing department up to date on weather, trends, and other useful information,” and Insider Profiles also goes on to say, “Scotts’ employees now use The Garden to receive corporate communications, follow links to integrated applications, and leverage productivity tools designed for their job functions.”

Another key point to take note of, “Because the focus of The Garden is to bring actionable insight to business users, the project team devoted significant time to gathering requirements before revamping the portal.” And the key method on how Scotts’ was able to gather this valuable feedback was by putting the Sweetlets Pretty Poll voting iView into action. Gathering opinions of their users through, “an online survey with more than 700 respondents,” as mentioned by Insider Profiles, allowed Scotts to make a more comprehensive assessment of their portal.

“Through the assessment, the team found that the existing site was too confusing, too “corporate,” and too static to be attractive to business users.”
Insider Profiles Magazine, July 2010

To read the article and find out 5 lessons learned from Scotts’ project team, download the pdf here or go directly to the Insider Profiles magazine website.

“Scotts was able to deliver a full-featured workbench that empowers its sales staffers to receive and review relevant product information, and act quickly on that information to boost sales.”
Insider Profiles Magazine, July 2010

**P.S. – Keep your eyes open for another feature on Scotts Miracle Grow in the August issue of ProjectExpert.

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