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Responsive Sweetlets ready for HTML5 & SAPUI5

  • April 14, 2015
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Click Stream - Responsive Design

Click Stream – Responsive Design

HTML5 is here and there’s no going back. Click Stream is only the first of our Sweetlets applications to join the responsive age.

We’re constantly working to bring our products forward, but one project that has already been underway is to take Sweetlets to the responsive age, Flash-free and ready to work with SAPUI5 and HTML5. Click Stream, has already gone responsive and has a separate HTML5 EAR file available for download on the Sweetlets website. SSO Express and BW Tree are soon to follow. Yes, that’s right – all three products will soon be available in HTML5- and SAPUI5-compatible versions. That means, of course, that these products are not only easy to use but are accessible on any computing device, whether desktop computer or mobile phone or anything in between. Of course, you need to make sure that you have SAP NetWeaver Portal version 7.3 and higher, along with the appropriate service pack. You can find all the details in the latest Click Stream documentation.

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