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Christmas – A Time to Give and Say Thank You

  • December 15, 2014
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There is no better time to show your appreciation than around the holidays. Under the parent company of Pentland Firth, we would like to thank each and every one of our supporters for their support this year.

Pentland Firth Thanks you

Pentland Firth Business & IT Consulting

Without valuable clients and customers such as yourselves, there would be no IT consulting, Sweetlets SAP Portal apps and no Mereko, the latest way to reimburse your travel expenses. It really is as simple as that.

Giving Back

Due to the wide variety of gift acceptance policies at the companies of our clients, we have decided to take this opportunity and directly help those in need this Christmas.  Pentland Firth has cheerfully and with joy, donated to the Brotzeit für Kinder in place of sending gifts.

Sweetlets SAP Portal Apps

From all of us here at Pentland Firth, Sweetlets and MEREKO, warmest thoughts and best wishes for the holidays and in the New Year.

About Brotzeit für Kinder

Brotzeit für Kinder

The Brotzeit Association is a nonprofit organization which provides for all kids, a “bread-breakfast.” A simple but balanced breakfast with milk, cereal, fruit, bread, sausage, cheese, jam, organized and prepared by “active seniors” in cooperation with the school administration.

Many parents do not take the time and more for their children. The end result … the children suffer. Therefore, Brotzeit für Kinder’s solution – give time.

In addition to the “bread-breakfast,” active seniors help children:

  • in the preparation and receiving of breakfast
  • with homework and hours of care
  • in stressful situations
  • in leisure activities (sports, culture, etc.)

Do you have questions? Please contact us: 

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