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Fresh release: Click Stream 2.4.40

  • December 3, 2013
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Click Stream, the simple yet powerful tool for SAP Portal analytics,  is now available for download in version 2.4.40. It comes with brand new enhancements and features, many of which optimize performance.

Top Pages iView – streamlined, with more options

A highlight in this release is the Top Pages iView, now streamlined to run even more efficiently. Top Pages is a lesser known iView in Click Stream that is nevertheless convenient for administrators and end users alike – admins may find it useful to keep track of the most popular portal pages in a compact iView form, and all users can easily access the most frequently used pages.

Click Stream – Top Pages iView Settings

To arrive at the most popular pages, Click Stream now pre-calculates the needed data as a daily background task and writes it to a cache table, instead of calculating the data during run-time. In addition, it calculates a more focused number of pages, thus saving on valuable processing time. If needed, administrators can fine tune some of the Top Pages parameters through the Configuration module, which now contains Top Pages iView Settings. In most cases, however, the default settings already provide excellent performance optimizations.

Advanced report delegation options

Different organizations have different rules for information that employees are allowed to access –  Click Stream accommodates these various needs by providing a wider range of user roles to choose from, each with different access rights to Click Stream reports and features. Download the Click Stream User Guide to read detailed descriptions and step-by-step instructions on how to set up and work with these user roles.

Other updates

  • Black list filter option for pages in the Top Pages report. Clients have requested this to exclude their portal landing page from the report.
  • Filter option for first and second level navigation entry
  • Database footprint significantly reduced
  • Advanced browser and operating system detection

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