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Max Planck Society and Wieland Electric share their experiences with Sweetlets products

  • November 20, 2013
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Are you curious about how Sweetlets clients actually use our various tools and what their overall experience has been? Read the most recent success stories from two of our customers:

  • Max Planck Success StoryMax Planck Society (MPG) and System Messenger –
    One of the world’s foremostresearch organizations, the MPG has been using System Messenger to ensure that important announcements get across to its international and German-speaking portal users. Important features for their organization: distribution list management, multiple language support and message templates. Read more in the Max Planck Society Success Story.
  • Wieland Electric Success StoryWieland Electric GmbH and BW Tree – Wieland Electric, a leader in the electric and electronics industry, had already been putting two Sweetlets products to good use – Click Stream and System Messenger. The company turned to Sweetlets once again to get a customized version of BW Tree, thus solving the problem of how to replace SAP BEx Browser without losing functionality. Sweetlets developers were happy to oblige. Wieland not only got the features they wanted to access reports in their BW systems, but they also got the single sign-on convenience and ease of use that comes with BW Tree. Read more in the Wieland Electric Success Story.

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