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Gators, Mickey Mouse and Warm Weather

  • April 2, 2009
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Gators, Micky Mouse and warm weather were not the only things to enjoy in Orlando, Florida at the 2009 SAP Netweaver BI & Portals conference! (March 24-27, 2009) Sweetlets showed up in full force complete with a setup of the latest Nintendo Wii game to play in the booth, free beanies, free t-shirts, and of course what show would be complete without the outstanding, lovely and talented Sweetlets’ girls. Can’t miss Gigi and Leah no matter how hard you try! A few lucky people even went home with more than a sun burn as we were giving away a free Nintendo Wii console daily!! How can you beat that!?

Attendance for this years show may have been slightly down in general, but it sure didn’t slow down the response our booth was getting from all the portal solutions we had to offer everyone. Sweetlets’ new user traffic reporting tool for the SAP Netweaver, Click Stream stole the show with phenomenal feedback and a ton of interest. You can’t expect to run an effective portal without knowing what is going on inside it, right!? Many other small plug and play business packages such as the World Times, System Messenger, and RSS Express shared in the great success too. Overall it was well worth our while being there to meet and shake hands with our valued customers such as yourselves, and for sure an absolute pleasure for us to have personally met all those that came by the booth. We are positive those in attendance received important insight, solutions and strategies to enhance and grow their businesses and will be returning.

We are already planning for the next show, so stay tuned and don’t miss out!

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