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Sweetlets Wii Giveaway. Could it be you?

  • April 16, 2009
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Our winners are finally announced for the Nintendo Wii giveaway at the 2009 SAP Netweaver BI & Portals show in Orlando Florida. Could it be you?

Ok, I admit, we need a little assistance here, but maybe you can help us out. For this years BI Show we pulled out all the stops, classy white carpet, super hot Sweetlets’ girls for some eye candy, a Nintendo Wii game playing the latest snowboard game in the background to take the edge off of work, and to top all those off, we gave away 3 Nintendo Wii consoles! The Wii’s drew huge, eager crowds all wanting to win. What could be better than to walk away from a hard week of seminars with the latest and greatest in video games? Everyone at least walked away with a limited edition Sweetlets beanie or polo shirt.

But here is where we need your help. Somehow through all the excitement, we misplaced the name of one fortunate man and have no idea who he is. Can you help identify this mystery man? Any help would be greatly appreciated. (Email The other two winners were Bruce S. Weinberg of Dallas, TX, (who incidentally is using the Wii for an upcoming MS event to raise money. Hats off to you Bruce) and Todd Mensch of Victoria, MN whose son will get plenty of use out of it. We hope Todd does too! From everyone here at Sweetlets, we do want to thank each and every one of you for swinging by the booth to enter in the draw for the Nintendo Wii game console and do truly hope you have all recovered from the long week and missed work at home.

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