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The quick inside scoop on SAPPHIRE 2009!

  • May 29, 2009
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You wanted the inside scoop on SAPPHIRE 2009 in Orlando, well here are a few key points taken from the show, straight from one of our top guys, “in the know.”

While the economic crisis glooms above all of us from all angles, at first glance attendance may have been down from previous years, but not by much. Fortunately, for those in attendance, this downtime did not have a great impact on the number of vendors displaying their latest offerings. However, if you went there expecting a new initiative or breakthrough, you would have walked away disappointed. It was pretty much business as usual.A couple of key points observed from the show with the reagrds to NetWeaver Portal:

  • There seems to be a little less focus on KM. As it appears, if this function does what you need, use it, otherwise it may be more advantageous go to a third party vendor.
  • As well, more and more clients appear to be using MOSS in addition to SAP
  • It remains to be seen how SAP’s Business Client will impact certain features of the portal. In any case here is yet another front-end based on yet another technology. To be continued…

And there you go, a quick little update. We hope this helped to give you a touch more insight on SAPPHIRE 2009.

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