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iView Recording in 3 Easy Steps – A New Feature from Click Stream

  • December 14, 2010
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Have you ever needed more granular information on your pages rather than just page views? Did you ever wonder which iViews your users are actively using? You are not alone; we had the same questions.  After some long and heavy developing, we integrated iView recording into our Click Stream SAP Portal analyzing solution – but we’ve delivered it to you in just 3 easy steps.

Top iViews and All PCD Views Reports Menu

This desire to have a more in-depth analysis of exactly what is happening on each and every page within the SAP Portal is why Click Stream now monitors each users iView clicks. But the cool thing is, your users iView clicks are still displayed in the visually appealing, easy to pull reports this user friendly business package is known for.

Read down below for a quick overview of the simple, 3 step process to start recording the clicks in your iViews today.

Next, download Click Stream’s “iView Recording in 3 Easy Steps” PDF for more in-depth instructions.

iView Recording in 3 Easy Steps Overview

Step 1: Install Click Stream – (pages 3-4)

  • Downloading Click Stream

Step 2: Configure iView Recording – (pages 5-8 )

  • Locate Configuration Wizard
  • Configure Settings
  • Activate Data Collecting Preferences

Step 3: Analyze Your iView Data – (pages 9-12)

  • Locate iView Reports
  • Top iViews Report
  • All PCD’s Report

Technical Details – (pages 13-16)

  • Data Collected & Recorded
  • Special Notes
  • iView Blacklist
  • Current Technical Range

We kept the iView recording in Click Stream to 3 easy steps because we know how busy you can be. Now you can finally find out exactly what your users are doing…with ease.

We hope this new feature ultimately helps you to achieve a better understanding of your SAP Portal – and in return, a greater portal ROI. A wise man did once say, “If you can’t measure it, it does not exist”

So if you have not done so already, download and install the latest Click Stream 2.2 business package – it is just as easy too.

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