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Click Stream SAP Analytics – Now With iView Recording (and more)

  • September 7, 2010
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Top iViews report. Take a quick glance at what iViews are hot…or not.

The iView recording for Sweetlets Click Stream SAP Portal analytics business package has just been unleashed to the public. This valuable monitoring detail offers a one of a kind feature to the SAP NetWeaver Portal space, taking portal analysis and Click Stream to the next level. Finally uncover exactly which iViews are being used in your portal, where people click on these iViews, and by whom.

But the iView recording wasn’t the only addition to the latest release of Click Stream…


Working closely with a lighthouse customer, the new iView recording built within the latest 2.1.8 release of Click Stream has been put through the ringer. Both our skillful developers and meticulous client tested this desired feature extensively to ensure it’s bulletproof release. And now, we are in full production!

Why iView recording?

Understanding precisely what iViews being used within their portal enables content administrators to focus on content/iViews which really matters. This intelligence determines exactly which material is being consumed by your users so you can put your costly time and effort into content which adds value to your bottom line.

But we didn’t stop there…

Top exit pages report. Which page did users exit your portal at? Are you aware?

Flash Report shows exactly which Flash Player version your users work with.

New features you may find interesting include:

  • Top entry reports
  • Top exit reports
  • Active user reports
  • Scheduler for background tasks
  • Flash and Silverlight report
  • Page viewing time report

These new additions take SAP Portal analytics to the next level – and another big step ahead for Click Stream. Greater depth, precise details and newly exposed information – all at your fingertips.

Key take away release points Click Stream 2.1.8

We picked out a few main features below to share with you – hand picked from our long list of new items. Curious about the complete release notes? Simply view our Release Notes page.

Enhanced filtering functionality really lets you dig down deep to get the results you need.

  • iView recording on selected pages or all pages. Check which iViews are being used (clicked) by your end-users (Please note: This feature will have to be purchased as add-on, please contact for details)
  • Top iViews report – see the most active iViews
  • All PCD iView report – see all iViews of your portal in a complete list
  • Top Entry Pages
  • Top Exit Pages

Page viewing times report. How many pageviews and what is the average viewing time on these pages.

  • Flash and Silverlight report
  • Active users report – see the currently active users who have clicked a page in the last five minutes.
  • Page Viewing Time report – how long did your users stay on your pages
  • Scheduler for background tasks – you can now decide when to schedule our background tasks
  • Added UME filter to dashboard
  • All report filters support filtering by hour
  • All report filters support filtering by user attributes like company, department,…
  • New layout for Page Information Report
  • Filter option added to External Content Report
  • Added threshold to Click Path Reports to limit the amount of sessions
  • Removed warning in Click Path Reports and lowered minimum threshold

**Please note – The iView recording will be an additional feature which needs to be purchased as an add-on. Please contact

Interested about about what is happening in your SAP Portal?

If you are interested and open about what the new Click Stream has to offer, try the latest release to discover what this SAP NetWeaver Portal business package is all about. And there is only one way to find out. Simply go to our “Try and Buy” page and follow the instructions. (Current Click Stream customers will have access to the 2.1.8 EPA, but new ones must register and request a temporary license key.)

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