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Just Released – Click Stream 2.2 with Save Reports Function and IBM DB2 Support

  • December 14, 2010
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From client request, we have just released the latest version of our SAP Portal analyzing solution, Click Stream 2.2. While introducing an iView recording feature in 2.1 was a good improvement for the application, adding a cool save reports feature takes the new Click Stream 2.2 up another notch. But for the final touch on this release, we integrated database support on IBM DB2. We are pleased with the results and Click Stream 2.2 is now ready for you to download!

Curious about these improvements?

Filtering on Roles, Groups, Pages, etc

Back in 2009, we added filtering on specific roles, groups, pages, etc. This feature was not only the first of it’s kind in the SAP NetWeaver Portal space, but continues to be unique in the SAP Portal market. makes Click Stream outstanding in the SAP Portal market to analyze the usage of your SAP Portal. This was and still is unique to Click Stream. And with this greater power on refining your search, we took the next logical step…..

Several settings and filter criteria are available.

Multiple settings and filter criteria available inside Click Stream 2.2

Saving Reports Feature

With so many report criteria to choose from, once clients went through the effort of narrowing down their specific details with the extensive filtering available, they simply did not want to go through the identical process every time for the same report. Therefore, we added a nice little feature. Now, one has the option to save a pre-configured report (specific filter criteria, settings and layout) for easy recall. Bring up exactly the reports you saved, when you need them, in a mere fraction of the time.

Store your settings and layout.

Simply choose your settings and layout you wish to save – then hit Ok.

And choose from your list of saved reports whenever you need them. All your predefined settings are used in the previously saved now opened report.

Open the saved report from a list.

Saved reports tab with convenient “search while you type” function

When you select a predefined date range or time frame, this setting will automatically be in sync with the current date. For example, if you open a report for “this quarter“ on Feb 23, the date range/time frame is Jan 1 until Feb 23. But if you open this particular report on Nov 24, “this quarter” reads from Oct 1 until Nov 24 – the same time frame.

Opened traffic report with custom settings

Opened traffic report with your predefined, custom settings

However, absolute data ranges (chosen time period with specific start and stop dates) are stored as configured. So “custom“ and a manually selected date range from Jan 1 until Feb 23 will always be exactly this date range with Jan 1 being the start and Feb 23 the finish– no matter when you open your report.

Relative Date Ranges

Relative Date Range options available in Click Stream’s filtering

Top Groups and Top Roles Reports

In all reports you can filter on certain groups and roles – but where do you locate which groups and roles are the most active in your portal? We made this easy with Click Stream 2.2. Simply open up your “Top Groups“ and “Top Roles“ reports.

Top Roles Report

Top Roles report displays the most active roles in your SAP Portal

After clicking on a particular entry in any of the these reports, Click Stream provides more in-depth details about that precise group or role. Click on the screen shot below for the overview of information supplied that you probably never had easy access to before.

Details about a group

Granular details on a selected Group

DB2 Database Option

We have noticed a slight upward trend with some of our clients moving their infrastructure to IBM DB2. Hence, we took the initiative to support DB2 in addition to our existing vendors, MS SQL and Oracle.

New entry for DB2.
Click Stream 2.2’s Configuration Wizard with new entry supporting IBM DB2

Above is a screen shot of Click Stream’s vendor selection.  This setting is located within the Configuration Wizard for admins. And yes, it really is that straightforward.

For information on the latest Click Stream 2.2 release notes or to use this solution in your SAP NetWeaver Portal today, simply contact us or visit Click Stream’s home page.

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