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Additional Languages Added to Pretty Poll, the Voting iView

  • August 17, 2010
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The handy Pretty Poll voting iView for the SAP NetWeaver Portal already offered a variety of end-user interface languages such as English, German, French and Dutch – but now includes Spanish and Italian.

Choose from multiple languages to make voting more friendly to your users.

Sweetlets worked together with one of our key customers to seamlessly integrate these two new languages. This option really helps portal administrators to get a better response from an even broader audience, thus improving overall relationships and greater involvement from their users.

Keep in mind we are always open to client feedback, good or bad. Many of our enhancements are as a result of customer request. So if you see a feature or functionality that is missing, just let us know and we can work together to find you a solution.

Drill down to specific country, departments or cities by adding your own custom UME attribute into Pretty Poll voting iView.

I also wanted to mention for those that are not aware of how you can really drill down your results. For statistical reporting, the standard UME (user management engine) attributes are already included in Pretty Poll such as country, city, languages, etc. But don’t forget to tap into your very own UME and add your own UME attributes. Really specify the exact locations, departments and more from within your company.

These are just examples of two great features offered in this SAP NetWeaver Portal business package. What do you want to ask your users?

Pretty Poll

Pretty Poll voting iView for the SAP NetWeaver Portal is an ideal method for gathering feedback, opinions and to simply create more interaction with your end users. Just deploy this business package in your SAP Portal and start asking your users for their opinion. Pretty Poll instantly tallies up the votes submitted – which in turn, provides you with very valuable feedback.

•    Immediate feedback from your users via real time reporting
•    Get your users more involved through teamwork and education
•    Add excitement and fresh content in your portal on a regular basis
•    Results can be displayed via iView or hidden
•    Multiple polling iViews can be deployed
•    Enhanced reporting tools: custom UME (user management engine) attributes
•    And now, multiple language option

Try Pretty Poll today in your SAP Portal. Download the free trial here.

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