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Large Consulting Firm’s uses Sweetlets Business Packages in their Pre-configured SAP Portal to Enhance Sales

  • September 9, 2010
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A very large, well-known consulting firm will now include a live demonstration of Sweetlets Pretty Poll and Events Calendar in their portal offering to potential clients. This joint presentation of Sweetlets business packages in their pre-configured SAP Portal solution is a better jump start for new clients, providing them with enhanced functionality – right from the beginning.

“…this would increase the impact of the demonstration from an overall SAP Portal and Sweetlets integrated user experience perspective.”

Big 5 consultant

The huge player in the in the auditing market and consulting services worldwide (who must remain unknown due to “independence issues”) offers a pre-configured SAP Portal solution with a focus on end-user HR service delivery. They have recently leveraged Sweetlets SAP Portal Pretty Poll and Events Calendar applications by showing them in the initial portal demonstrations as an additional offering to their clients. In turn, these finishing touches add value to the consumer and ultimately to the end user.

Large Consulting Firm and Sweetlets Working Together

Sweetlets has worked successfully together with this particular consulting firm at various clients throughout the years. When it came time for them to enhance their pre-configured SAP Portal solution with user friendly business packages for their clients, a keen consultant teamed up with Sweetlets. The large firm’s emphasis on quality of user experience was a great fit for Sweetlets and ultimately provided the best possible solution for this consulting firm’s clients.

About the Pre-Configured SAP Portal Solution

(Adapted from large consulting firm’s development documentation)

The pre-configured SAP Portal solution is significantly more user-friendly and intuitive than the standard delivered SAP Portal user experience.

Most HR business cases rely on the fact that Self-Service has one of the highest returns on SAP HCM investments. But most SAP customers never realize the full potential and cost saving opportunities of Self-Service. This approach integrates business processes and SAP HR functionality to enable them through Self-Service.

The large consulting firm’s portal approach:

•    Improve the employee and manager experience
•    Combine HR content and transactional capabilities
•    Utilize delivered SAP Self-Service functionality

This pre-configured SAP HR Portal solution is based on best practices:

•    User-centric, intent based user experience design
•    Integrated user interface
•    Dynamic, personalized content
•    Common look and feel
•    Leverage existing SAP technology investment
•    Enhance the user experience through the integration of 3rd party pre-built portal components such as Sweetlets

About Pretty Poll and Events Calendar Applications from Sweetlets

Pretty Poll voting iView for the SAP NetWeaver Portal is an ideal method for gathering feedback, opinions and to simply create more interaction with your end users. Just deploy this business package in your SAP Portal and start asking your users for their opinion. Pretty Poll instantly tallies up the votes submitted – which in turn, provides you with very valuable feedback. For more detail visit the Pretty Poll home page.

Events Calendar is the super handy standalone calendar for your SAP NetWeaver Portal. This business package is fast and easy to use with many additional features. Visit the Events Calendar page.

More Insight?

For more insight on this “pre-configured SAP Portal solution”, just write to us here at Sweetlets ( ). We will be more than happy to forward your request to the consultant overseeing the project.

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