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SAP NetWeaver Portal, enterprise workspaces… and Sweetlets!

  • August 3, 2010
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SAP Portal, enterprise workspaces is the latest addition to the SAP NetWeaver Portal… and Sweetlets was one of the very first partners to get our hands on the new release. Developer Josef Minde attended a special workspaces workshop at SAP Headquarters for a private, first-hand experience with SAP and their newly implemented feature. Here are some details…

Ramp-up for the SAP NetWeaver Portal, enterprise workspaces was July 19th and this unique workshop at Walldorf was for SAP Partners to learn, have access to, and use the latest NetWeaver Portal collaborative add-on. Also, SAP was looking for valuable feedback from the diverse group of people who attended.

Sweetlets took full advantage of first access to enterprise workspaces along with having SAP representatives on hand to help with any questions or concerns. Josef immediately built a module out of our RSS Express iView and integrated this Sweetlets business package with great success.

“A fresh look for SAP! Enterprise workspaces is truly a more user friendly NetWeaver Portal plug-in. Simple, easy to use and can be managed by end users without difficulty.”
Josef Minde, Sweetlets developer

Check out the RSS Express/SAP enterprise workspaces screenshot below. (Click image to enlarge)

Sweetlets RSS Express successfully integrated in the latest addition
from SAP, the SAP NetWeaver Portal, enterprise workspaces.

And for those that don’t know, the SAP enterprise workspaces is an add-on of SAP NetWeaver Portal 7.0 which allows end users a higher level of content personalization for both them and their team. End users can now easily arrange pages by dragging and dropping a selected icon to their chosen page using this new addition.

Sweetlets is always trying to stay ahead of the curve to help you and our clients better. Our team makes regular attendance at SAP Portal events and continuously implements the latest SAP releases for R&D such as the brand new SAP enterprise workspaces. We invite you to contact us if you have any questions, concerns or feedback regarding SAP Portal, enterprise workspaces or the NetWeaver Portal in general. We look forward to working with you on this new venture from SAP.

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