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1st and 2nd Level Navigation Filter Feature Added for High Level Content Summaries – Click Stream 2.4

  • July 19, 2011
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In the latest version of Sweetlets’ SAP Portal usage tool, Click Stream 2.4, our developers have just added a very important feature – a filtering option on first and second level navigation.

High level entry reports

1st & 2nd Level Navigation Screenshot - Filter dropdown

Select from the drop down options in Click Stream’s Filter feature

Let’s say you do the communications for your department … and therefore responsible for the complete content below a top level navigation entry.  How do you quickly and easily get the number of unique users within your portal pages? (And of course you don’t have time, nor want to be counting each and every single one!)

This is where you can really reap the benefits of Click Stream’s filtering on first and second level navigation. With this new feature, the 50,000-foot view on your high level content comes in quite handy.

1st & 2nd Level Navigation Screenshot - Page Details

1st & 2nd level navigation within specific page details

Through client request, separating traffic for different departments was a must. While Click Stream was already recording this information, our developers just made reporting on this high level content more readily accessible.  Our developers also included the actual label of the navigation, not only the PCD path. This way you can identify specific pages at a quick glance.


Also included in the latest 2.4 release:

1st & 2nd Level Navigation Screenshot - Table view

Details of your page in a handy table view – complete with 1st & 2nd level navigation

  • Support of automated update to NW 7.30
  • Performance improvement of the daily background task
  • See Release Notes page for more details

Should you have any questions or concerns regarding this new feature or any SAP Portal related topics, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

About Click Stream SAP Portal Analytics tool:

The very first alternative to the standard SAP Portal Activity Report (PAR) and Activity Data Collector (ADC) for tracking your portal usage.

  • Click Stream creates reports on specific roles and groups or any other criteria using your portal’s UME and PCD.
  • Determine your portal usage based on hard numbers (user and content history) with easy to read reports.
  • Discover hard to get data (i.e. resolutions, browsers, languages, etc.) so your IT can develop with confidence.
  • iView Recording – Determine exactly which iViews your users are actively using, not just the ones displayed.
  • SAP Certified Solution – The first and only complete usage analytics tool developed solely for the SAP Portal.

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