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SAP Portal New Users and Country History Reports

  • May 30, 2011
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Click Stream SAP Portal analytics has just introduced two new handy additions into its deep bag of usage statistics – a New Users report and Country History report. 

While just released, our Sweetlets developers have been working closely with a client over the last few months to bring these new features to life. And as a bonus for you, here is a peek inside this client’s portal with some real life results.

Countries History Report


Click Stream: Countries History Report from Sweetlets on Vimeo.


The countries history report displays the same information as the countries report, but animated over time.

In the first part of the video, the granularity of the animation is hourly. So each frame displays the regional distribution of the portal usage for one specific hour. Take note in this client’s portal how the distribution of users changes throughout the day from country to country.

The second part portrays global trends of their portal usage, per week over the current quarter.

New Users Report


Click Stream New Users report - real life example in a client's portal

Click Stream New Users report - real life example in a client's portal


The blue area in this chart displays the total number of portal users per day.

The green area indicates the portion of users that accessed their portal for the first time (since Click Stream started recording their usage)

About Click Stream SAP Portal Analytics tool:

The very first alternative to the standard SAP Portal Activity Report (PAR) and Activity Data Collector (ADC) for tracking your portal usage.

  • Click Stream creates reports on specific roles and groups or any other criteria using your portal’s UME and PCD.
  • Determine your portal usage based on hard numbers (user and content history) with easy to read reports.
  • Discover hard to get data (i.e. resolutions, browsers, languages, etc.) so your IT can develop with confidence.
  • iView Recording – Determine exactly which iViews your users are actively using, not just the ones displayed.
  • SAP Certified Solution – The first and only complete usage analytics tool developed solely for the SAP Portal.

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