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Pretty Poll – The Quick Polling iView Now Supports Anonymous Users

  • April 29, 2011
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Yes, the latest version of Pretty Poll (2.2.26) now opens the doors and allows anonymous users to be involved in a poll.

Once this new feature is activated by the Super Admin, each logged in user can vote once…with non-logged in user’s now being distinguished via cookies.

A bit of background for a better understanding

Vote, click and instant results - Pretty Poll's quick polling processPretty Poll is an interactive voting iView which allows you to create quick polls within your SAP Portal …then with little effort, analyze your results.
Why didn’t we support anonymous usage of Pretty Poll in the first place?

Cookies are set per browser, so in theory the same browser could be used by several users.  Also, a single user could use several browsers or even clear cookies manually.

However, we had a few requests from several customers wishing to allow voting by anonymous users.

Per default, the latest version of Pretty Poll only allows one vote per user – meaning that after one anonymous user votes; this generic user would not be able to vote again.

How to put this into action

And allowing this handy feature is quite simple…

Anonymous user setting in Pretty Poll configuration

Download Pretty Poll here (if not already installed). Once inside, within Configuration > Settings > General Settings, you can enable polling of the individual anonymous users. That easy.

Pretty Poll’s detailed installation and user guide will walk with you step by step throughout the process.

Please note: Make sure, that the iView property Authentication Scheme is set to anonymous.

Also, we did some other tweaks to improve performance and a few minor bug fixes.

Download Pretty Poll today and take it for a free test drive.

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