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2012 DSAG Annual Conference in Bremen Overview

  • October 1, 2012
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The German SAP user group (DSAG)

This year’s 2012 DSAG annual conference was held in Bremen September 25-27th. Nearly 4,000 visitors attended the German SAP user group’s yearly meeting to witness first-hand, SAP’s latest developments, talk with like-minded IT people, and check out the educational sessions.

Our SAP Portal experts were on hand to demo the latest highlights from Sweetlets:

  • Smartphone optimized front ends for Sweetlets applications
  • Click Stream SAP Portal analytics now on HANA
  • The latest version of BW Tree (a hot topic for us at the show)


DSAG 2012 Annual Conference

Next to the American SAP user group (ASUG), the DSAG is the largest worldwide SAP customer community. Current hot topics at the show included HANA and mobile applications for smartphones and tablets and a great session on a large HANA project at Media-Saturn. A few keen exhibitors demo’ d their HANA based offering with positive feedback from the audience on features of the new in-memory database. We discovered that the main reason customers hold off from implementing HANA is just the high-end software license cost.

DSAG Annual Conference keynote session

DSAG Annual Conference keynote session

Click Stream SAP Portal Analytics on HANA Feedback

SAP HANA server

SAP HANA server

Just a few short weeks ago, Sweetlets flagship product Click Stream analytics was tweaked to run on SAP HANA and premiered at Bremen. The response from our developers …

“The performance potential and scalability is just amazing.”

The used HANA hardware was purchased from Dell and is the about the smallest HANA server that is available on the market. However, the CPU load never exceeded a maximum of 3% during a load test that generated about as much traffic on three days as our biggest customers monitor with Click Stream within a full year. It was even possible to run analytics on the entire data set without noticing any performance difference compared to a data set with less than 1% of the size on a traditional disk based database.

The Sweetlets booth at DSAG 2012

The Sweetlets booth at DSAG 2012

The main emblem of Bremen, Germany

The main emblem of Bremen, Germany









DSAG Main Evening Event

The main evening event on Wednesday was great fun. After dinner, a band and some great DJ’s followed artists on stage. Most partygoers came back to their hotel rooms in the early morning, so the last day of the trade show was a bit less crowded than the days before. Good times.

Afterparty at the 2012 DSAG Annual Conference

Afterparty at the 2012 DSAG Annual Conference

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