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Sweetlets Portal Apps go Mobile

  • August 7, 2012
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Sweetlets apps now available on mobile via SAP NW 7.3 PortalOver the last few weeks, our team of developers have been rigorously testing Sweetlets apps within SAP’s Smartphone Framework Page. The result …


Having Sweetlets applications go mobile is a big step forward in making our products even more accessible to existing Sweetlets users – and even more appealing to those who don’t have them installed yet on their SAP NW Portal.


SAP’s Portal on Device Strategy

“The mobile enablement of SAP NetWeaver Portal is an extension of the existing portal offering based on SAP NetWeaver 7.3.”

A view of World Times app on SAP Mobile Launcher Role

Incorporating mobile for the NW 7.3 Portal was implemented in 2 steps (paraphrased from SAP):

  1. Permitting all the portal services as public API’s. This was done to encourage all SAP customers to develop his own framework page.
  2. With the release of SAP NetWeaver Portal 7.3 SPS7, SAP has released the second phase of consuming the portal into different devices such as smartphone.

And on a side note, we also learned that a tablet framework page is planned for SP8 of the Portal 7.3.

See more details on SAP’s mobile enablement within the NW 7.3 Portal here:



Mobile devices detected by Click Stream

Using Sweetlets Click Stream analytics to track mobile usage within the NW 7.3 PortalAnd as a side note, tracking mobile usage amongst your users within the Portal has never been easier. Our very own Click Stream analytics app provides reports specific to any selected mobile device. Click the screenshot to the right to get a better view.


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