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SAP HANA – An SCN Blog Post on Testing, Adapting and Migrating from Josef Minde

  • November 13, 2012
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SAP SCN Community Forum

Interest is rising in SAP’s new in-memory database, HANA, but what do we really know about it? Sweetlets head developer, Josef Minde, shares his experience in adapting our applications to SAP’s latest technology.

SCN Blog Posts – A Three Part Series

In Josef’s SCN blog posting, he aptly breaks down the Sweetlets’ adaptation process into a three part series:

  1. “How We Tested SAP HANA With the Free Trial on AWS
  2. “How We Adapted our Existing Application to use HANA Instead of Standard Databases
  3. “How We Migrated an Existing Oracle Database to SAP HANA”

SCN Technology Newsletter Nov 2012 Feature

And due to Josef’s great content, SAP featured the first HANA article in their Technology News @SCN November 2012 issue.

SCN Home Page Feature

Josef’s first two postings were also featured on the home page of SCN. See pictures below.

SCN Homepage Josef Minde SAP HANA

Josef Minde’s blog post on testing SAP HANA with the free trial on AWS featured on the SCN homepage

And on the iPhone:

Josef Minde SAP HANA SCN Blog Post Feature via iPhone

SCN homepage image via the iPhone of Josef Minde’s SAP HANA blog posting

Enjoy the read. Please send us any questions or comments.

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