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Click Stream Now on SAP HANA

  • September 17, 2012
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Click Stream table in SAP HANA studio

Click Stream table in SAP HANA studio

The Sweetlets developing team worked closely with SAP and successfully optimized the database code of our Click Stream SAP Portal analytics app for SAP’s new in-memory database, HANA. Click Stream on HANA will unveil at the 2012 DSAG congress in Bremen, Germany – and upon request, can deliver the latest development short notice to eager customers.


Why SAP HANA and Click Stream SAP Portal Analytics


Keeping in line with our developing philosophy, we’ve designed most of the Sweetlets applications to operate efficiently without a high-end database. However, when you want push an extremely powerful tool like Click Stream SAP Portal analytics to its limits, having a very fast database for maximum scalability is a huge asset. This data boost offers a quick real time analytical experience on large datasets or across multiple years of data history.

Click Stream dashboard with configuration wizard on SAP HANA

Click Stream dashboard with configuration wizard on SAP HANA

In addition, HANA integrates very well with analytical tools from SAP like Visual Intelligence. Visual Intelligence makes it easy for customers to extend the reporting capabilities of Click Stream, offering advanced customer specific reports.

Furthermore, Sweetlets is one of the first SAP Gold Partners from the software vendors. We’ve earned this not-easy-to-get status by keeping ahead of the curve when it comes to new developments and staying on top of the latest advancements in SAP. Being one of the first to adapt our products to the game changing SAP HANA platform was just a natural part of the progression (check out our beta involvement with the 7.30 Portal).

Update Nov 12, 2012

For additional information, see our head developer, Josef Minde’s three part SCN series on the Click Stream adaptation process:

  1. “How We Tested SAP HANA With the Free Trial on AWS
  2. “How We Adapted our Existing Application to use HANA Instead of Standard Databases
  3. “How We Migrated an Existing Oracle Database to SAP HANA” (to be released shortly. We will update the link when done)

What is SAP HANA?


SAP In-Memory Computing - HANASAP HANA is essentially a high-end database product that offers superior performance – even on large volumes of data. SAP started with HANA in customer specific projects, then released certain applications like BO and BW on HANA. Now, they are working together with partners like us on solutions based on HANA, bringing HANA to a bigger audience. According to SAP:

“SAP HANA is a game-changing, real-time platform for analytics and applications. While simplifying the IT stack, it provides powerful features like: significant processing speed, the ability to handle big data, predictive capabilities and text mining capabilities.”


Click Stream Development for HANA


SAP HANA database connection details within Click Stream configuration wizard

SAP HANA database connection details within Click Stream configuration wizard

Development for HANA was straightforward for our team at Sweetlets. After adapting Click Stream’s code to HANA, initial tests in our development environment with HANA trial capabilities in the Amazon cloud were quite successful. Good documentation was available on the internet and the Amazon trial systems were completely per-configured and ready to use.


As mentioned by our developers:

“The absence of foreign keys e.g. requires some adjustments in the code, but apart from that, HANA can be accessed just like a normal database and all JDBC and SQL features are similar to other databases.”

“It was good to get to know the new concepts like column based tables and to gather experience with how to use them. Now, to execute extensive optimizations, we are building up a development landscape on premise with our own HANA hardware.”

Very soon, Sweetlets expects to load vast amounts of real life data into our development system to complete extensive performance tests on HANA – with results presented at the 2012 DSAG yearly conference, TechEd in Las Vegas and Sapphire in Madrid.

How Can I Get Click Stream on SAP HANA


So far, only a limited audience has access to Click Stream on HANA. We are always open to working with our customers and clients, so if you feel a need to work with Click Stream on HANA, we are open to talk.

Get started – Download your fully functional free trial version of Click Stream analytics now

And on a side note, Pentland Firth (Sweetlets parent company) is quite successful in data warehouse projects based on Oracle. Our vision is that Pentland Firth soon offers its customer specific data warehouse services also on a HANA base.

Come visit Sweetlets at the DSAG ANNUAL CONGRESS 2012


Filtering mobile users on a Click Stream SAP Portal analytics report

Filtering mobile users on a Click Stream SAP Portal analytics report

Witness live demos of Sweetlets SAP Portal apps such as Clickstream on SAP HANA or play with Sweetlets apps on your smartphone.

And don’t forget to talk to us about your individual HANA project plans.


  • September 25 – 27, 2012
  • Exhibition and Congress Center Bremen, Germany
  • Sweetlets booth: Hall 4, Stand B15

Please feel free to contact us via , or call +49 89 59 08 37 to arrange individual appointments.

About Click Stream SAP Portal Analytics


Click Stream – The very first alternative to the standard SAP Portal Activity Report (PAR) and Activity Data Collector (ADC) for tracking your portal usage.

  • Create reports on specific roles and groups or any other criteria
  • Determine your portal usage (user and content history) with easy to read reports
  • Discover hard to get data (i.e. resolutions, browsers, languages, etc.)
  • iView Recording – Determine exactly which iViews your users are actively & actually using
  • SAP Certified Solution – The first and only complete usage analytics tool developed solely for the SAP Portal

Download your free, fully functional version of Click Stream now

About Sweetlets


The founding members of Sweetlets were involved in the very first SAP Portal installation way back in 2002 (SAP Enterprise Portal 5.0 together with SAP). Today, Sweetlets focuses exclusively on user-friendly business packages developed specifically for the SAP Portal – providing software and support in a wide range of industries and serving portals up to 150,000 users strong.

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