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SAP TechEd 2012 Las Vegas Take-away’s

  • October 23, 2012
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SAP TechEd 2012 Las VegasThe 2012 SAP TechEd conference kicked off Oct 21-25th at the beautiful Venetian/Palazzo Congress Center in Las Vegas, Nevada.  More than 1,500 hours of SAP related sessions and an excess of over 6,000 on-site visitors demonstrate the importance of the most talked about SAP event of the year.

Main SAP TechEd 2012 Topics

The main SAP topics at TechEd 2012 included:

  • HANA
  • Analytics
  • Mobile
  • Cloud

Click Stream Analytics on SAP HANA

Our portal experts Josef Minde, Steffen Bunzel and Melinda Belenyi stood out above the rest of the crowd wearing their Sweetlets’ trade marked, orange polo shirts at the conference. They made the trek all the way from Munich to educated customers at the 3rd party table of SAP’s main HANA booth and sessions related to the SAP NetWeaver Portal and SAP HANA.

SAP and Sweetlets on the ISV part of the main HANA booth

SAP and Sweetlets on the ISV part of the main HANA booth

An exciting event for us – a live demo of Sweetlets Click Stream portal analytics on HANA was available in SAP’s exhibition area. We were happy to report that Click Stream was very well perceived by customers, other 3rd party vendors, and by our friends at SAP.

On Monday prior to the main event, there were some pre-conference workshops for customers, a partner summit for 3rd party firms and developers demonstrated their coding skills at SAP’s exciting InnoJam.

SAP HANA Overview at TechEd 2012

Here are a few interesting details we learned about during the sessions on SAP HANA:

  • Currently SAP is the biggest Oracle reseller.
  • HANA is considered as “Hasso’s new platform” and built to replace traditional disk based databases such as Oracle.
  • At the SAP labs in Palo Alto, SAP is using a HANA test system with 100 TB of physical RAM which was built in collaboration with IBM. According to SAP’s marketing, SAP was able to load 1Petabyte of compressed raw data into this system with tables of up to trillions of records and produced a maximum insert rate of 2 million records per minute.
  • Certified SAP HANA servers are available to customers with up to 1GB of RAM per node and up to 16 nodes in a cluster.
  • SAP expects certification of bigger systems upon request by customers.
  • SAP does not support multiple applications on one HANA server for productive use – exceptions are explicitly mentioned in a white list in notes 1661202 and 1666670.
  • The only ETL tool that is currently certified is Data Services (which comes along with Business Objects).
  • A replication of existing data can be done using the tool Landscape Transformation.
  • The formerly recommended Sybase Replication Server can no longer be used due to legal constraints for databases other than IBM DB2.
  • Customers are not allowed to install SAP HANA on virtual machines and virtual on premise installations are not yet planned.
  • Currently, SAP has released Business Objects and BI on HANA.
  • BI on Java is currently not supported on HANA, but support is planned for BI7.4.
  • It will take SAP some more time to migrate the entire business suite to HANA, but this is planned and started.
  • Next to SAPs applications, there are also 3rd party apps like Click Stream available for HANA. Some customers have also built their own specialized applications.
  • Data are loaded into the RAM only at the first access.
  • Pre-loading of data during database start-up needs to be configured manually.
  • As soon as data are in RAM, they remain there until the configured maximum RAM utilization is reached.
  • When a query becomes slow in HANA, the EXPLAIN PLAN is a good tool for performance tuning.
  • According to SAP, performance optimization of database queries is required on HANA as soon as a query processes 2 billion records or more.
  • So far SAP claims to have 600 HANA customers, 300 productive installations and 400 million dollars of revenue from HANA.
  • Next to HANA on premise, SAP just came out with a cloud based offering at for 99ct./min. in the Amazon cloud.
  • A cloud instance allows up to 22GB of data.
  • Starting with the next service pack of SAP HANA, the HANA application services offer basic web access to data. This includes easy to configure oData services and the option to use SAP UI 5 and client or server based JavaScript.

On Premise Portal, Cloud Portal and Mobile Readiness

A total of 80 hours of sessions presented the latest news about the traditional on premise portal, the cloud portal and mobile readiness of these platforms:

  • A free trial of the on demand portal is available for a limited evaluation.
  • SP8 of the on premise portal includes a tablet framework page.
  • The smartphone framework page got a new theme in SP8.
  • SP8 makes it easy to upload and modify CSS files and images in a web resource repository in the portal content directory (PCD).
  • In future releases SAP plans to improve the integration of native applications into the mobile portal frameworks as well as an adoption of SAP UI 5 instead of plain jQuery, which is used as of today.

We already look forward to next year’s event.

SAP TechEd 2012 Las Vegas Conference Details:

Where: The Venetian|Palazzo Congress Center, Las Vegas
When: October 15–19, 2012

About SAP TechEd

SAP TechEd is the premier SAP technologies conference offering with a focus on SAP NetWeaver, analytics, and mobile platforms. Also showcased, the latest developments in analytics, mobile, cloud, database, and in-memory computing.


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